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Alteration, Wedding and Leather

Repair and prolong the life of your favorite garments with the clothing alteration and tailoring expertise of Triangle Dry Cleaners in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Needle and Thread

Expert Alterations

Triangle Dry Cleaners provides any type of clothing alteration and tailoring, including:

  • Hemming
  • Pant Cuffs
  • Jackets In and Out
  • Tear Repair
  • Waists In and Out
  • Button Replacement
  • Beadwork

Clothing & Wedding Preservation

We work closely with a dedicated preservation company who has more than 50 years of dealing with wedding gowns, stubborn stains, and exquisite materials and beading. Triangle Dry Cleaners ensures your most precious piece of clothing will be treated with the care it deserves.

Fine Leather Cleaning

Let Triangle Dry Cleaners take care of your Leather cleaning.  Leather Jackets, Skirts, Vests, Pants and all Leather items.

Contact us today at 919-453-2800 for more information on Triangle Dry Cleaners, the expert dry cleaner in Wake Forest, North Carolina.